About us

I-FUII ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and supplier of Playground Components for Swing Set since 1987,its product line has expanded from simple metal S-Hooks , Swing Hangers and metal plate stamping products to plastic injection molded product line, and also has expanded from a complete line of Residential to Commercial Playground Accessories. It has become one of the most renowned and the world’s leading playground components manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan, and China , too.

Our goal

We, I-FUII ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., supply not only a full range of Residential or Commercial Playground Accessories or Parts for our customers but also offer completed line of Pre-Packaged Box for playground manufactories in USA which it can help those play-gym factories to save a lot of labor cost and low down their inventory, the most important is the pre-packaged box can low down play-gym manufacturer’s net-cost for to lift up their sales competition.

Because of this Pre-Packaged Box is contained with wood , metal and plastic playground components or parts .


Customer's designed sample is acceptable, we can produce it for exclusive only. Besides, we still can produce and ship your orders from Taiwan or China, because of we have factory in Shanghai / China, too.

We are continually researching and testing new ideas to offer our finest and most Innovative products available. We still carefully consider your feedback in refining and developing each accessory or part for the utmost in quality and safety.